We have a new porch light installed and our mailbox hung.  Little touches make quite a difference. 

Little bit of lattic panel skirting to wrap our back porch.  We'll add this around all of the house when we're done. 

Finished installing the T & G pine boards for the ceiling, window trim applied to windows, fresh sanding to the loft floor and a fresh coat of poly-acrylic finish to the wood and our loft is done...ready for a bed! Yeah!!!

Another added feature to keep us cool during those warm summer nights.
And our king size bed fits!!! Whew!
12/26/2013 11:37:29

Hey, LOVE your little cabin, and would like to potentially feature it- a color photos spread, and text write-up, in my new book for Storey Press. If you get this message, and/or are interested, email me back. Thanks= and congrats on such a solid job! -Deek

1/22/2014 07:01:19

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